Transparent Conducting Oxide

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Technological Features of our Innovation:
Transparent conducting oxide (TCO) being developed by us enables the p-type conductivity. The innovative claim of our TCO design derives from the concurrent optimization of the optical transparency of 94 percent under UV as well as the visible spectrum of irradiated sunlight and electro-conductivity described by the specific sheet resistance ≤ 20 Ω/sq. In addition to this 12 percent reduction in the optical band gap from 3.85 eV to 2.5 eV is an extra innovative feature. Unlike the other TCOs, the electrical resistance does not increase and found to be stable during and after heating processes like annealing up to 400˚ C.

Synthesis and Fabrication:
The green one step facile synthesis of TCO nanoparticles using low-temperature chemical route around 60˚C and the further coating of these nanoparticles using magnetron sputtering makes it a cost-effective and a sustainable product with the minimum environmental burden.

Market Need and Technological Challenges:
The applications of TCOs are very diverse, spanning from flat panel displays, smart windows, or thin-film photovoltaics, to organic light-emitting diodes, touch-sensitive control panels, electrochromic mirrors and devices, sensors, or polymer-based electronics. Thus generating a growing demand for new cost-effective materials with lower resistivity and higher transparency over extended wavelength ranges. Moreover, p-type TCOs are opening new horizons for high-performance devices based on p-n junction but exist very few in numbers and their performance is not as good as their n-type counterpart. Among the most commonly used TCO materials are zinc oxide (ZnO), indium tin oxide (ITO), tin oxide, and indium oxide shows n-type conductivity. The current transparent conductor (TC) market is dominated by the expensive tin-doped indium oxide which accounts for 90 percent of the TC market. Moreover, the lack of flexibility of these TCOs materials and environmental burden seems to create a ripe environment for alternative materials which are steadily gaining market share. In parallel, the development of TCO nanostructures is considered as the big opportunity in the transparent conductor business.



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