Solar Cells as Permanent Blinds

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How the entry works: The design creates shadow and solar cells produce electricity from the sun at the same time.

What makes it novel, Does it represent an important advance over current state of the art?: Design, combination of materials, can complement the existing structures, integrated into an insulated glass unit, no complicated care.

How it would be produced, How easy would it be to implement? Can it be cost-effectively manufactured/produced?: Conventional manufacturing process of insulated glass units combined with Thin-film solar cell production in shape of honeycomb stripe. It can be implemented through existing insulated glass factories. The payback depends on the increase in energy prices, ecological aspects.

Where it would be applied. Does the idea have practical applications? Is there a well-defined, significant market for its use? The product is intended for use in glass constructions. Practical application is a shadow that reduces the overheating of buildings and the acquisition of energy. Market - construction sector, residential and non-residential buildings.


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