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Reusable noodle soup bag that can easily separate soup and noodles, and can rapidly mix them for an enjoyable meal.

The most annoying issue of taking out noodles soup is that noodles will be immersed in soup and soaked up the soup after arriving home. Consumers usually ask to separate soup and noodles into different bag, which causes overuse of plastic bags or containers and therefore influence the ecosystem.

TakeOut uses “lifting” bags to separate noodles and soup, and easy to enjoy them both when place on table. By the action of lifting up, the holes in the middle layer will set noodles and soup apart, solving the problem of soaked, terrible noodles. Also, the steam from the soup can retain heat for noodles.

TakeOut is made from heat-resistant eco-friendly material with upper layer transparent and lower layer harder. It can be reused and cleansed.

TakeOut reduces the usage of plastic bags and containers, bringing a better experience of take-out noodles soup.



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    Yu San Weng
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    Lin, Wei-Chi
    Hsu, Yi-Wen
    Weng, Yu-San
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