Smart Shoe Weeder

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This invention was aimed at providing a survival support to a person,who lost his hands in an accident. Basically he was a farmer. But as mater of fact, weeding always been a great problem for farmers. That is to be performed either with hands or using machinery drive or manual rotary type weeder. In all these attempts perfection is very difficult to achieve. Secondly, manual attempt is very laborious and time consuming.

Considering all these aspects, and hopelessness of the handicapped person I just attempted to fit something on the leg. Further on seeing a HEN damaging a plant this idea came to my mind. (Worth mentioning that I have helped the handless person with a leg pressed shovel to pulverize the soil.) ‌This SMART SHOE WEEDER is fitted in a half shoe. It is basically a shoe shaped light metal plate with some nails fitted on the front. To make it more user friendly I have provided an extra projection on the back side (toe) of the plate.

Though this design was aimed to support the differently able person, it is very suitable for all ranges of people especially the elderly and women.



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    Uddhab Bharali
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    The particular one, which really looks impossible , is my favorite.Innovation has become my profession.For designing I always prefer manual isometric drawing.
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    The character named Mr. Atabur ,a poor farmer, approached for all out assistance to survive as he has lost both his hands in an accident on 2016. I have helped him with one self feeding and self cleaning device.Now he needs survival back up support. Just to placed him back in his former profession I just desined one leg pressed especially designed shovel and this SMART SHOE WEEDER.
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