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When a severe drought in my region triggered a “Level 4 Drought Response” banning all outdoor residential water use, I began to seek ways to facilitate my goal (and my neighbors’) of reusing our children’s nightly bathwater so we could keep our outdoor plants alive.

I assumed finding and buying a household graywater reuse system would be simple. But my research revealed an absence of mass-market solutions. And so, I set out to invent a solution.

By carefully considering the inverse relationship between system complexity and grey water safety / best practices, I eventually succeeded in developing a prototype. I have named it BathRecycler.

My invention fills the product gap between high-end, permanently installed graywater systems (that require permits and modified plumbing) versus hauling water through the house one sloppy bucket at a time.

It is affordable, convenient and non-invasive. My device will allow households to easily capture and safely transfer graywater for selective reuse (during dry seasons) on either their ornamental gardens or edible gardens. Expanding periods of drought and rising environmental concerns around the world are creating a ‘perfect storm’ of consumer need which my invention is designed to fulfill. BathRecycler will provide households with a means to legally irrigate during periods of government-mandated watering restrictions.

More importantly, my technology will help induce people (even those not suffering from water-use restrictions) to minimize their wasteful use of water and ‘do their part’ in reducing growing public pressure on aquifers and reservoirs.

BathRecycler-endowed households will also possess the means with which to reduce their carbon footprints by reducing the hidden energy costs of water pumping, treatment, distribution and waste management.

Lastly, BathRecycler users will be able to save on their water bills without breaking the bank or their backs.


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