AEROSTAT Based Hybrid Power Generation

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One of mankind’s most recent and important daily requirements, electricity, comes from exhaustible and non-renewable sources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum products, etc. To cater to this problem, among other problems, an innovative method of hybrid energy generation has been developed.

The design and experimental analysis of the hybrid power generating structure, the Aerostat, is presented in this work. The hybrid power generator consists of solar as well as wind power generation. With 90% of global power generation dominated by consumption of conventional resources, this work throws some light on renewable energy generation. In operation, the Aerostat consists of a set of turbines and photovoltaic cells. With increase in altitude, there is increase in wind speed and the intensity of solar radiation. The turbine is designed in such a way that the velocity of these winds is amplified and are directed onto the turbine blades setting them in rotary motion. This rotary motion is then used to produce the required electricity. This energy is transferred to a base station on the ground via conductive tethers. In addition to wind power generation, the Aerostat also harbors photo-voltaic cells which convert sunlight into electrical energy which, again, is transferred to the base station via conductive tethers.

We have tried to biomimick the structure of a whale shark so as to maintain the stability to the maximum. Among other aspects, this is the highlighting point that sets the hybrid power generating Aerostat apart from other power generating methods that have been attempted as of now.

Some of the advantages of this technique are:
* Takes an initiative towards clean energy projects and lures the general public to clean energy methods.
* Since the design has been made to increase the velocity of air, higher yield of the available wind power is possible.
* The material used is easily available at affordable costs compared to other hybrid power generation sources (wind and solar energy).
* It is possible to use for both small scale and large scale power generation. Additional features can be added to the design to make it more cost effective.
* Since it can be used for both larger and smaller scale power generation, it can be used for domestic as well as industrial purposes depending on the requirement; eg., to power houses, buildings, empty or cultivated farms, etc. They can be installed at places where accessibility of electricity is less and hence, the use of the Aerostat makes the remote places more independent and self sufficient.


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