Solar Tracking Window Unit

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My Solar Tracking Window Unit is a solar tracking system that hangs out of a window and tracks the sun using a method of triagularzation. It consist of three sensors: one on the right, one one the left, and one in the top center of the solar panel, Two servos are use to rotating the solar panel. Also One servo is attached at the base to rotate the panel left and right. Another servo is attached at behind the solar panel to turn it up and down.The solar tracking system is attached to an actuator moving up and down so that it can be taken in and out of windows. The Window Solar tacker contains a battery for energy storage and DC to AC inverter that allows other appliance to connect to it.


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    Stephen Aboasu
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    I wanted people who couldn't afford the solar panels on there roof or don't own there buildings to experience the ability to take an appliance off grid.
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    Fuzion 360
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