Self-Sustaining Fast Food Carts

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The fast food carts have been the impulse of a large number of small businesses that have allowed many people or families to earn income by selling some type of food. The novelty of this proposal is to integrate these carts a hybrid power generation system electrical system composed of solar cells and thermoelectric devices. The solar cells would be placed on the roof of the cart while the system of thermoelectric modules would be placed in the parts where waste heat is generated (most likely in the part of the cart where use fire eg an oven or stove). We know that currently solar cells have relatively affordable costs, are more resistant to weather conditions, and are easy to install. Also considering the size dimensions of a standard cart the cell system would be easily supported by the roof.

Regarding the system of thermoelectric modules, they have a great diversity of sizes. They are very resistant to extreme working conditions; they do not use any kind of fluid or toxic substance; they can be placed in any position that is required and generate electricity to from the heat (Seebeck effect).

Thus in this way the solar cell system and the thermoelectric module system would work together to generate useful electric current to power certain electronic components of the cart, for example: LED lights, small audio systems, small screens, cooling systems or to keep food warm, In addition, components such as chargers for gadget s could be integrated.

The implementation of this idea would be relatively simple. A diagnosis of electricity consumption would be made according to the characteristics of the electronic components of the cart and then the selection of the type and number of solar cells and thermoelectric modules would be made. So a product of this type would have a good cost - benefit ratio. The idea turns out to be very practical and of high level of application given the abundance and daily needs of the fast food carts.


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