STEHO Energy Saving System

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The STEHO SYSTEM - the result of long term research - works in the field of reduction of operational loses of the input power supply (power grid), and significantly reduces electricity payments (up to 50%).

The system works with the magnetic property laid by in the steel of three independent transformers acting as reactors, one for each phase in a three phase system. Reduction of consumption of power happens due to restoration of the straightened half-cycle due to inductance of the three galvanic and magnetically divided transformers, each phase adapts to the line voltage in optimum regime. The energy saving system starts at the lower level of 209 volts around a grid. Power becomes higher, the economical mode starts automatically getting optimum level. So the input power absorbed by the equipment decreases without any grid working changes. For the direct control and proved effect the needed measurement and completion certificate has been undertaken by experts.

System positive effects:
- Increase in conductivity of all conductors in the consumer's power grid
- Decrease in resistance of all conductors
- Reactive power reduction
- Harmonics reduction in power on the consumer's grid
-Electric grid wear prevention during the operation period

Easy installation by certified electric engineer. After the engineer has installed the system, measurements and completion certificate are to be undertaken (before and after). Energy saving effect is documented by a protocol.

The device includes a set of unique inventions and is protected by 30 international invented patents.


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