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Many peoples travel through jungles and cross a river for many reasons, like for research and hiking and many others. While doing so, many peoples get attacked by wildlife when passing by because peoples are not aware of which animals are nearby. Animal attacks have been identified as a major public health problem. "Unprovoked attacks occur when the animal approaches and attacks a person(s) who is the principle attractant, for example, predation on humans. In 1997, it was estimated that up to 2 million animal bites occur each year in the United States. Injuries caused by animal attacks result in thousands of fatalities worldwide every year. Some of the world's deadliest animals include mosquitoes.which are estimated to kill about 725,000 people every year, snakes, wild dogs, crocodiles, Hippopotamus and so on.

Since cellphone towers and power line transmission are installed through jungles and by installing an AI-assisted sensor that has a camera and sound sensor, the device can listen and hear which animals are where. Meaning the camera and the voice-activated sensor acts as a sensor and the AI will be used as interpreters because the AI has the data of voice of all animals and it will automatically compare its database to record voices to know which animals are where.

This information can be linked with a smartphone app for peoples to check if there are dangerous animals are nearby. The device can work using either a battery or from a direct power source from power lines.

This will save the life of researchers and many peoples and the device will tell the end users how many square areas it has sensed so that the end user know which area is safe.

The AI has the picture and sound of different animals and compares it with its recorded data.

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