Entrant Profile

Anteneh Gashaw

Location: Addis Ababa, Addis Abeba Ethiopia

Company: Anteneh Engineering

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Online communities: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anteneh-gashaw-777276b

Inspired by: I have dedicated my life for invention and research because not only I have big dreams but also it is my only way out of poverty. We all have a talent we know or did not find out yet. Mine happens to be inventing. I discovered this talent of mine when I was in second year student during my university life. Starting from that point everything seemed not important except creating new ideas. So, until now I have invented more than 50 inventions which are new to the world and the rest are intended for Ethiopia that will change the life of many people including mine. But because of poverty, theft and many reasons I could not manage to make it. But all that matter is I will never give up. I will invent until and after I become successful. That makes me a strong entrepreneur. My skills are aided with a mechanical engineering degree on design, production and sales expertise. You can find some of my inventions via https://www.herox.com/crowdsourcing-community/antenehgashaw-123126

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
05/13 Automated Sediment Collection Mechanism of a Dam Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation 53 5
05/12 Semi Automated Farming Technology Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation 134 5
05/10 New Mechanism to Keep the Lenses of Camera Clean Automotive/​Transportation 112 5
05/09 Plastic E-Waste Management Consumer Products 48 5
05/09 Manual Extension of Pickup Trunk for Road Safety and Space Utilization Automotive/​Transportation 52 5
05/09 Manual Vacuum Seal Consumer Products 47 5
05/07 Space Debris Management Aerospace & Defense 259 9
05/04 Cooling a Charging Battery Using a Heat Exchanger Automotive/​Transportation 109 5
05/03 Mobile Car Charger Automotive/​Transportation 131 5
04/29 Escalator which Ensures Safety of Wheelchair Users Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 284 15
04/27 Coca-Cola Audio/Video Player Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 289 14
04/27 An Instant Cooling Hand Refrigerator Consumer Products 347 23
04/27 Automatic Stretching and Compressing Vehicle Automotive/​Transportation 271 23
04/26 Gravitational Assisted Space Shuttle Launch Aerospace & Defense 388 26
04/25 The God Eye Project Aerospace & Defense 255 17
04/24 Safety for Cyclists Consumer Products 261 24
04/24 Smart City Automotive/​Transportation 372 27
04/23 Smart Green Washer Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 342 26
04/23 Cost Reduction Project Sustainable Technologies 247 16
04/23 Fluid Garbage Bin Consumer Products 271 18
04/23 Caribbean Sargassum Problem Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation 391 27
04/23 Flexible and Durable Grocery Bag Consumer Products 259 22
04/23 Bottle Belt Sustainable Technologies 277 22
04/23 AI-assisted Smart Fish Sorting Mechanism Medical 309 25
04/23 Pocket Garbage Bin Consumer Products 261 18
04/23 ATM Bin- Dispose and be Paid Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT 251 15
04/22 Extreme Farming Sustainable Technologies 796 29