Space Debris Management

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Just like the earth, space has garbage too. The junk or garbage are called Space debris. Right now some tens of millions of pieces of space junk are circling our planet—broken satellites, rocket parts, and other human-made materials trapped in orbit. For many reasons removing those debris has become very difficult. The number of debris made it very difficult to be removed.

This project provide alternative solution to this problem. The project objective is managing space junk that are becoming problem to space exploration by directing the space debris from earth's orbit to the sun's path. Researches has shown that The recent uptick in solar flares and other activity on the sun could one day cripple satellites or knock out power grids on Earth. But in the meantime, the solar maelstrom has been helping to clear out space junk, NASA scientists report. Dealing with debris we have advantage which is we have a sun. By building a mechanism that direct the mass debris to path of the sun we use the sun as a combustion chamber for space junk.

This can be done by using a momentum principle to direct to the sun's path. In physics, momentum is the property or tendency of a moving object to continue moving. For an object moving in a line, the momentum is the mass of the object multiplied by its velocity (linear momentum); thus, a slowly moving, very massive body and a rapidly moving, light body can have the same momentum. As seen in the project pictures the collection of the space debris can be done using the designed device. The green structure will collect all the debris that came into its path. whereas the blue structure is intended for storing fuel that will be used to push the collected debris. The red structure is a nozzle structure that will be used to push the collected debris and create a momentum. The nozzle structure is connected to the fuel tank and the nozzle have a camera installed in it with an AI system that acts as its sensor to avoid collision with big space bodies. Meaning the camera acts as an eye while the AI interprets and tell to move away when a big body comes in its way. this moving away can be done by using the red structure because the structure can move along all axis because of how is attached to the debris collector. when the collector collects the space debris it stats to move to the sun's path with x speed depending on the wight in order to have y amount of momentum. then when the debris collector reaches z distance from the sun the collector will reverse its path going backward creating big momentum for the debris to go to the sun's path.

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