V2P Safety Alert Chip

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Pedestrian safety is of extreme importance in the new autonomous vehicle environment. While vehicle sensor technologies continue to evolve and improve, there is a need for a robust back-up to help protect pedestrians , motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pets. My idea is a small wearable electronic tag that would tell an autonomous vehicle via a common standard protocol that "Hey, I'm here." For people, it could be worn on a lanyard badge holder or integrated with personal phones and smart watches . For pets, it could be attached to a collar. The device would have a low power requirement, long battery life, be thin and compact, easily replaced, and emit a signal over a limited distance that would be recognized by an approaching autonomous vehicle . The signal would be effective only in an outside open-air environment to prevent false positives.


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    Stan Serpento
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    Opportunities to make the coming AV environment more safe.
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