Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology

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* The automotive industry continues to look at new ways to meet tightening government regulations. Presently, the top half of a modern overhead cam engine is a busy, crowded place filled with valves, springs, seals, gaskets, bearings and more. It works but at the cost of complexity and it operates at less than optimal efficiency.

* Our innovative camless valve-train concept, Glide Valve Engine Technology ( is a patented new head design to maximize the volumetric efficiency of any internal combustion engine. The novelty for Glide Valve Engine Technology is that it seals the combustion pressure with a non-invasive valve. In addition, it utilizes independent electronic software-driven actuators that can open the intake valve sooner and close the exhaust valve later than mechanically linked poppet valves. This ability to open and close valves on demand produces the ultimate in Variable Valve Timing.

* Glide Valve Engine Technology eliminates virtually all traditional valve gear. Instead of a complicated overhead cam system, each Glide Valve engine arrangement consists of the head with two Glide Valves per cylinder, one intake and one exhaust valve. The valves are driven by two electro-pneumatic types of actuators per cylinder. Glide Valve moves air through the interior of the valve and seals the valve with rings around the exterior of the valve. The Glide Valve design is a pass-through air flow that seals from the outside with rings which are no different than the rings that seal pistons. This tubular design allows the valve to open and close without the need to enter the combustion chamber like the poppet valve.

* The ability to open and close the intake and exhaust valves on demand provides significant performance benefits. The actuator design engine achieves 20%-30% less emissions and 15%-20% better fuel efficiency. A “poppet valve” actuator design four cylinder engine was tested by AVL Powertrain Engineering in Europe three years ago with the following results: 47% more torque, 45% more horsepower, 15% better fuel economy and 35% better emissions. The “Glide Valve” actuator design will have even better results because it can open the intake valve sooner and leave the exhaust valves closed longer to achieve a more complete burn. There is no worry about the piston-poppet valve cushion.

* Grace Capital Partners, LLC (GCP) will license the Glide Valve Engine Technology to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The OEMs will build the engines and GCP will simply license the design to them, similar to how Microsoft licenses their software to various computer manufacturers. With the elimination of all the poppet valve-train moving parts, it is estimated that there will be significant cost savings in the manufacturing process. While this design supports a broad range of internal combustion engine types for commercial, industrial and global markets, this is the ideal technology for extended range and hybrid electric vehicles. We are convinced that the control of valves will move from mechanical linkage to computer aided actuators. This is the performance future of the internal combustion engine.


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