The Vehicle Changes Its Application in 3 Minutes

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Please find hereby a system of quick changing superstructures on the vehicle chassis of any manufacturer. Your vehicle can change its application in about 3-4 minutes. For example, a dump truck turns into a tank truck for liquids, or a concrete mixer turns into a platform for transporting containers. There may be more than 30 types of superstructures for different purposes. The entire hydraulic system is built into a special frame that is mounted on top of the vehicle chassis (frame). Any superstructure is fixed to the vehicle by means of reliable locks, which will not allow to unhook during the movement and operation. This project has a wide area of application. For example, the farms where it is financially advantageous to use only one chassis and have several necessary types of superstructures. And municipal urban services, where expensive vehicles are idle for more than six months. I will give an example: a vehicle for washing and cleaning roads is used only in summer, and a vehicle for adding salt, sand and other chemicals only in winter. The rest of the time, the vehicle just stands and corrodes, causing damage to the enterprise. There are many cases of such universal application and all of them will allow you to get economic benefits. A uniform-in-size standard for attaching superstructures to a frame will allow leasing or exchanging for the necessary type of various superstructures for a specific temporary job from the same users of the system. To install the system, you can use the chassis, both new and used.


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