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NOVAlert™ IVS (Intelligent Vigilance Solutions) is a patent pending active automotive safety system embedded in the driver’s seat. It performs the monitoring and alerting of driver’s drowsiness and inattentiveness. Moreover, special countermeasures temporarily restore and sustain the driver’s alertness while suggesting nearest safe stop location. Proof of concept technologies, embedded in wrist watches and steering wheels, were scientifically validated. It is now migrating to a practical, novel, smart driver’s seat. Nothing to wear or grip.

Our mission and vision are to create the future by offering a seat-embedded multivariate sensing, data conditioning and communicating reference design together with machine learning analytics embedded silicon chip solution to enhance road safety challenges primarily for long haul and elderly drivers.

What makes it novel
1. The real-time sensing and analysis concept uniquely combine physiological, psychological and physical knowledge to enable early prediction of drowsiness- well before falling asleep on the wheel. Moreover, it can temporarily help sustain alertness while suggesting nearest safe stop.
2. Current technologies, alerting a driver experiencing a micro-sleep or after falling asleep (rumble strips, lane tracking, etc.) may be like trying to wake the dead. The time preceding micro-sleeps or actual falling asleep is critical, and independent scientific validation tests, most significantly in Canada by Prof. Robert Ogilvy (Global #1 sleep onset authority), proved that NOVAlert can alert and arouse a drowsy driver well before actually falling asleep.
3. The system can alert upon sensing driver’s total incapacitation.

Marketability & Applicability
1. NOVAlert™ is conceived for enhancing road safety primarily for long haul and elderly drivers.
2. An estimated average of 328,000 automobile accidents are attributed to fatigued driving every year on American roads alone. Approx. 1/3 results in deaths. This, applied globally together with huge economic losses and lack of real working solutions led to the creation of the NOVAlert™ technologies.
3. Driver alertness technologies are needed for autonomic driving: a) There will be non-autonomic vehicle mix for decades to come, b) It will take decades before completely debugging autonomic driving crashes and allowing a driver not to be vigilant for taking over in case of an emergency.
4. NOVAlert™ enables paid advertising for safe-stop locations (e.g., gas stations, restaurants, motels, etc.).

Module is simply embedded in an after-market seat pad or in original seat, powered by the car’s battery. Embedded as a module in a driver’s seat pad or seat, the module can be implemented and cost-effectively produced in volume for under $US 10.

Intellectual property
Proprietary know-how; US Pat. applications 62806759 & 62796590 (2019); WO/2016/061351 PCT/US 2015/055734; US Patents 6353396; 6265978; 5917415
Funding to date
Approx. $900K by the Israel Government, European consortium and Dan Atlas.
Contact: Dan Atlas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Under construction)


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