Vibrating Transport Device

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Various mechanisms are known for lifting and moving cargo. At the same time, we (Grigori and Oleg Lishanski, US Patent No. 10,214,398 B2, Feb. 26, 2019) developed and tested a simple device that is able to economically move a load overcoming the force of gravity. The device is a platform that is supported on the supporting surface. The supporting surface can be installed vertically or at any arbitrary angle to the horizon. A generator of mechanical vibrations (electrovibrator) and a load are installed on the platform. The vibrator allows you to create longitudinal-axial elastic mechanical oscillations of the platform with a given frequency and amplitude relative to the axis of the fixed bearing surface Fig 1. When the vibrator is turned on based on the developed principle of integrated interaction of the forces of vibration and gravity, the platform moves in the vertical direction along with the load. In the process of vibration movement of the load, the device develops a pulling force exceeding its own weight of the device by more than 7 times and raises (moves) it to a predetermined height.



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