Containerized Robotic Transit and Architecture

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Towards a standardized and flexible mix of transportation and pluggable architecture. Use of standard steel cargo container dimensions for the construction of personalized transit rooms. The rooms would be moved using an independent robotic motor unit and elevated to z-heights by architecturally incorporated rack and pinon designed system powered through the motor unit. When not at a remote location it would be integrated into the home unit as an extra room. The user experience would be similar to walking into a room from home and using the room as normal until at arrival at destination walking through the same door would open to the new location. Can be outfitted as a stand alone micro-residence for low income individuals and be formed into ad-hoc communities for shared spaces. It can later be adapted to robotic piloted lighter than air motor platforms. Can incorporate zero-insertion force docking for utilities (power, water, sewer...). Should incorporate solar power generation and distributed power storage.


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    Chris Emery
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    Maximizing use of available resources.
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