IxB Electromagnetic Engine

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Most power plants for motorized vehicle transportation utilize fossil-fuel burning power plants known as internal combustion engines (ICE) that produce carbon gas emission hazardous to human health and the environment. Introduction of EV technology attempts to minimize the unintended unacceptable side effects of the ICE technology. Attempts were made to replace ICE with electric motors to minimize the pollution problem. Hybrid power plants were introduced but the heavy electric motor system penalizes the power to load weight ratio reflecting an inefficient mechanical drive system.

The I x B engine utilizes Lorentz force to drive the piston. It produces constant force during the work load operation whereas the ICE produces a diminishing pressure in the combustion chamber. The I x B engine will be lighter principally made up of few DC current straight conductors interacting with magnetic field of a solenoid producing force that pushes the piston downward. It is air cooled. Simply designed, less component parts, and low cost to produce. Old ICE engine blocks can be converted to an I x B engine design making it more efficient. Originally we intend to fabricate the I x B engine block by welding process instead of forge-machining from a metal block. Similar to electric motors DC current is needed as source of power.

We plan to develop the I x B power plant to be a better power plant system than the ICE and electric motor. We claim that it is cost beneficial, safer, more efficient, cost less to produce and simple in construction and design. It is open to vast engineering improvement. At present we are producing a proto-type with the help of graduate university students and expecting to have it tested by the end of 2019. Our concept applies only on the power plant of a vehicle. The power train built in a typical vehicle will not be affected.


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