CirKit Ebike Class 3.5

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In a move from rural to urban we are posed to be maxed out with our current transportation infrastructure for mass transit. Here is where the extended range and class 3 ebike start to be adapted for mass transit. It is a lattice that is connecting the rural parks to the urban cities. The lattice consists of paved park bike paths that are parallel to mass transit but for bikes , runners, walkers, or hikers. These ebikes blend in between these 2 environments seamlessly.

The extended range model is an ebike that is capable of doing 20-30 miles range at 28mph. This gives the commuter a comfortable range to go to work, then charge at work and commute back. This range also provides power to divert and get lunch go to a grocery store if needed and then head home too. The battery ideally can be charged while at work 8hrs. So, everyday the journey can be at full charge when leaving the destination. WIth the extended range it would be great if the ebike is also connected via gps as both a safety tool and security feature. These are now being offered as a add on to ebikes but an intrgrated system would be great. In my design I have all the electronics encased in a central housing so form the outside it looks like a custom fit enclosure to better fit, form, and function for the overall design. We can talk more of the design after the Class 3 meaning is explained.

Class 3 is the next evolution for the bike also, this pushes the bike from path to bike lane. At the max speed of 28mph the bike is fast paced hybrid of pedal and motor power. 28mph is a sustainable and safe speed for the rider if wearing the correct safety gear. This speed also can be integrated smoothly with paths and parks. The journey may start at a home through a park then transition during the 45minutes commute ride to the urban city then to work. An all around bike must be designed for this type ride, speed, and distance.

The design consists of a single 2" tube frame with a very upright seating position, utilizing dual front and rear suspension. The flat seat also provides ample cushioning for the journey. Large 4" tires absorb the ground and provide great balance and traction. The design is supposed to look like a combination of a BMX and urban scooter. It should be comfortable to ride with a backpack or messager bag. Also, you must feel safe riding it in busy urban envirnments or just taking it for a scenic ride in a park. Please check it out and let me know what you think? Enjoy the ride!



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    I like to design on the Ipad Pro and use analysis tool solidworks for both.
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