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Carbon dioxide emissions are costing the world economy every year. It is likely to suffer highest economic damage from climate change after the US. The country-level SCC for India alone is estimated to be about $86 per ton of CO2. For US, the cost is about $50 billion per ton. This means that the nearly five billion metric tons of CO2 the US emits each year is costing the US economy about $250 billion.

The number the US uses to estimate the social cost of carbon is too low. When damages from sea level rise, extreme weather and other effects are taken into account, the global social cost of carbon is $180 to $800 per ton, rather than the $12 to $62 range used by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Ahead of the Conference of Parties (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland in December, these country-level estimates create a reference for the world to better understand regional impacts, which are important for adaptation and compensation measures.

Carbon foot print calculator on all the passenger vehicle
Connected to App and Car Dash board
Gain points to the Customer if they drive the vehicle
with in the Emission Range
Gain points if the Customer use less fuel and achieve millage
Gain points if the Engine is Switched off on traffic.
Collect all these points and store on the Cloud Data
Show the points to the customer.
Make them increase the points
Make them reduce the carbon emission by Displaying them the carbon foot print calculation
-->New Concept in Emission Reduction
Trail for the connected vehicle concept
Awareness of emission
Tax benefits for the car owners
Can understand the Driver Skills on different region for Future market
Emission less environment
More points more Discounts on service and Tax benefits
Contribution to Mother Earth
Better Climate


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