Infinitely Atkinson Cycle Camshaft /Valve less ICE Head for Better Efficiency/ Lower Emissions

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The mainly new design mechanism consists of with an air intake tubular set and exhaust tubular set. both sets are with an inner tube that is driven by the crankshaft though the driving chain at 1:2 ratio. Both sets are with outer tube that driven by signal from ECU to control the timing changing. The two sets are located in the cylinder head. The two-set cooperating make engine compression cycle to be shorter than the power stroke, this means to run Atkinson cycle to get better thermal efficiency and lower emission.

The air intake set to guide airflow pass the open port of outer tube into inner tube ports then flow through inner tube out port that overlap to outer port of out tube to enter the combustion chamber. The overlap area changing by the inner tube moving axial direction how much. The overlap area as shown in illustrations 3. The overlap area function just like VVL.

There is a driving gear at the end of outer tube. The gear is driven by the motor which controlled by the ECU, to turn the outer tube at clockwise or counterclockwise advance turning, this make inner tube delay the closing compression process and let some air be pushed out, to makes the compression stroke shorter this is the first part of Atkinson cycle.

The exhaust gas set to guide exhaust flow pass open port of outer tube and inner tube port, inner tube out ports that overlap to outer tube out ports, then exists through the cylinder head into exhaust pipe. There is a driving gear on intake outer tub. The ECU controls the motor to drive outer tube to turn at clockwise advance to make compression cycle timing delayed, so inner tube has to catch up longer time to close the expansion cycle, this makes the power stroke to be further power than the compression stroke, this is the Atkinson cycle second part.

This innovation can make diesel engine with engine braking function. When the two set outer tubes are driven by the gear to turn to let the outer tubs no opening section to block both set exhaust port and intake port at same time, this make completely the engine brake. When the outer tubes are turned to counterclockwise to block some exhaust ports and relative air inlet ports that means engine has been de-active some cylinder for better fuel saving. Shown in illustration 3.

The same design concept can be used to design a kind of lower cost tubular intake and exhaust combination for small ICE intake/exhaust system but without timing functions, as shown in illustration 3. This is as one combined patent group as shown in illustrations 3.

The combined full Atkinson cycle designing under different working condition and to run under combinate engine verification performance should be like in illustration 1.


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    Zhouxuan Xia
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    The automotive and ICE is facing challenges, we need to make ICE keep going with innovations to be better and better, specially vehicle is changing to Hybrid and so on. Hybrid is the way to go for long term . So I think we should design better Atkinson engine , to improve the engine hard to start , sometime engine have to be started with the motor, so I make ICE to be smaller and simpler to keep ICE with new function to face the challenges to get new power.
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