Green Driver

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Passenger vehicles are the main energy consumer and major contributor of ever-increasing hazardous emissions. Transportation professionals have raised the idea of applying the green concept in various areas of transportation, including green highways, green vehicles and transit-oriented designs, to tackle the negative impact of road transportation.

This idea is in a new dimension called the green driver to remediate urgently the existing driving assessment models that have intensified emissions and energy consumption. In this regard, this study aimed to establish the green driver’s behaviors related to fuel saving and emission reduction.

New Concept in Emission Reduction
Mapping the Skill of the Driver by VR technology on different region and Country
Mapping the Data to the connected vehicle.
Creating a Diver Assistance to the customer
Can understand the Driver Skills on different region for Future market and future Design.
Emission less environment
More points more Discounts on service
Customer value maintained
Contribution to Mother Earth
Better Climate
Data ready for Autonomous vehicle

Key Features:
Avoiding aggressive driving
Following eco-driving rules
Avoiding fast Acceleration/Deceleration of vehicle
Avoiding Excessive/Inappropriate speed of vehicle
Caring of inefficient braking
Caring of inefficient change of gear
Avoiding idling of engine
Managing the travelling time and travelling distance
Paying full attention and obeying traffic signs and signals
Paying full attention to traffic calming devices
Monitoring and Adjusting to traffic volume
Minding pedestrian crossings

Aware of and monitoring vehicle’s horsepower
Optimize gear shift and transmission system usage
Aware of and managing the vehicle’s weight
Regular service and check tires rolling resistance
Monitoring and caring of vehicle’s maintenance


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    To contribute to reduce carbon foot prints and to increase green energy based solutions
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