Two in one Car Protector

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My prototype has two functions in one: protect yours car door from being hit by other cars doors or by a shopping cart. It is novel because it will come handling to put on and will be at low cost and safe. It make you be kind to other cars in a small parking lot at the time to get out of your car so you don’t bend or scratch other vehicles. It can be produced on a large scale because of the ease of the material and because it can be made to a standard measure that can fits all types of vehicles, it can also be customized for each vehicle brand as the owner decides.

This will be placed in the doors and will be fixed without drilling or using tools only more than the hand; unlike other prototypes this can be used with any material and type of door. It can be placed in the morning or the day before you expect to use the car and removed when you're back in your house or resting place, or also leave for several days (no more than a week for safety and protection of the vehicle paint).


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    Jose L Rodriguez
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    what has motivated me is the big problem with the limited space of the parking and how the vehicles are affected in being impacted by the doors when opening them without precaution; additional shopping carts that leave parked badly.
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