Preventing Boat Capsize

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Boats, ships, passenger ferries, fishing vessels, and cargo vessels are getting capsized frequently due to accidents, head-on collisions, overloading etc. Many peoples lose their lives due to non availability of help, support, and life boats.To ove come this issue and to save lives and property we have designed a model which floats on water surface even after accidents and head-on collision. This is illustrated in the attached video and photographs. What we have suggested is a very simple phenomenon of increase in buoyancy by covering the entire ship's side, port side as well as starboard side by air filled tubes ideally to be fitted in a groove. When accidents or collision occur then due to impact the rubber tubes inside the groove immediately starts getting inflated by automatically turning on the air compressor or even for small ferry boats air filled tube may be fitted at the beginning of the journey.

Such a system may improve the buoyancy and the boat can keep floating thereby preventing it from getting capsized and saves lives and property until the time they get help. This is very simple preventive measure to avoid serious accidents. What we have observed that after covering air filled rubber tube, the buoyancy and draft improves quite a lot which help in floating the boat even after it gets damaged. Moreover, such air filled rubber tube may also act as an air cushion to protect such boats and ships from near by hard objects like entering into narrow channel, jetty and inside dry docks. Lightweight, extremely strong rubber tubes are already in use in many fields such as rubber hose, military use, river crossing bridges etc. Similar tubes can easily be utilized in practical use as discussed in this design idea.


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