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There is a lot of need for green clean and cheap fuels in the world. The main source of energy for 150 years has been fossil fuels. However, the world is running out of this source rapidly and there are detrimental effects of its use e.g. pollution and economic impact.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are one of the newest developments in progress today Hydrogen is a renewable source without hazardous by-products. More importantly, hydrogen is a source regenerating fuel; it can be produced from water, intermediately stored, and finally used in either internal combustion engines or fuel cells to turn back to water. It is believed that if hydrogen solar cars are successfully developed and deployed; it will represent a huge milestone for renewable energies and the world will be safe from the ever-threatening global warming effect 7-9. It will be energy efficient with the advantage of storing hydrogen reversibly in solid state materials, e.g. metal hydrides, carbon nanotubes, polymers and chemical complexes.

The present invention relates to the self-sustainable energy generator for a vehicle using hydrogen liberated from polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. The self-sustainable energy generator for a vehicle using hydrogen liberated from polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells comprises a fuel tank, at least one water tank, one combustion chamber, plurality of thermal cell, at least one battery unit, at least one hydrogen tank, at least one electrolysis unit, at least one PEM unit. The combustion chamber produces mechanical energy and heat. Collecting of the water from the external water source such as saline or sea water. These collected water then store in the water tank. The water then supplies to the electrolysis unit where electrolysis is done using PEM. Required electricity in the electrolysis is supplied by the thermal cell from the combustion chamber. The produced hydrogen in the electrolysis is then transferred to the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber uses this hydrogen as the fuel for running of the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber gives the locomotion of the vehicle and also it produces a large amount of heat. These heat then used by the thermal cell to produce electricity. This produced electricity again used by the PEM to produce hydrogen in the electrolysis unit. Some amount of electricity produced by the thermal cell is stored in a battery for future use.


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