BikeUp is the main ally of the population, against vehicular traffic in the city of Lima. It seeks to increase the number of people who use bicycles to transport to different places, and for this, within this application you can accumulate "money" according to the number of kilometers traveled by bicycle, which will be called "bi-credits." There will also be a discussion forum, which will help users report accidents or recommended routes.


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  • Name:
    Fernando Caceres Pipa
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    Team members:
    Fernando Cáceres Pipa
    Valeria Biaggi Gurreonero
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  • Fernando's favorite design and analysis tools:
    Figma, Adobe Ilustrator and Photoshop
  • Fernando's hobbies and activities:
    Sing, and play the bass
  • Fernando is inspired by:
    It is a nightmare to use public transport in Peru, due to the large number of cars that exist, the car park is cramped. It is necessary to look for alternative solutions and at the same time promote the development of the infrastructure, we hope that through this application people can make their reports in the discussion forum and can serve as a back-up in future promotions of internal regulations in the country.
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