Adaptive Vehicle Sun Shade

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This is an idea that has been in the back of my mind for some time now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to bring it to life. This is a device that will darken a small portion of a vehicle windscreen in order to block the sun from the drivers eyes. This works by installing a thin film of photochromic material on the inside of the windscreen, and an emitter in (or on) the dash of the vehicle. The emitter works by shining a low power ultra violet light onto two, independent axis controlled mirrors that redirect the UV light onto a specific position on the windshield. The photocromic material darkens with the presence of UV light, so the glass of the windshield will instantly darken in a precise location. Due to the property of wind screen glass to block UV light, only intended spot will darken. The system will know the time of day, direction of vehicle, and can be programmable to adjust for various head positions. In this way, whenever the sun comes into view through the glass, instead of the driver having to constantly adjust the sun shade, the sun will instead appear as a dark spot on the windshield. This creates a much safer environment allowing the driver to stay focused.


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    Nicholas Belluccia
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    My designs are influenced by the problems I experience on a daily basis, I try to find things that most people have become accustomed to doing, but could be done in a better, easier way.
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