CLX - Conscious Luxury Future Transportation

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Mercedes Benz CLX - Conscious Luxury Concept

The main idea was to solve the issues that we will face in the future in the mega cities all around the world. We already see many concepts that try to approach some of these problems but design and life its not only to solve these issues, we require products that improve the life of the users and also the comfort and luxury. How i approach it, its not only based on materials or fashion criteria, for me the future of luxury in all products will be extremely related to how the product its done, the interaction with the user, the simplicity and efficiency, the foot print they leave behind, the origin of its materials. That's why Im calling it Conscious Luxury (CLX) which means that in the future the user will be highly involved with the eco value of their products.

The technologies applied for this concept are already on the market so this is something we can reach pretty soon, and it's necessary. Luxury and comfort are related to our expectations; its related in every human being, we want more space, more time and deeper relationships between us, thats why my concept its based on the new wave of car sharing.

Studies have shown that young people now prefer not to own vehicles if they have the option to use these kind of transportations.

The other part of my concept its directed to interaction between the passenger, and no passengers around the car, products in the future will know our personal tastes, our routes and destinations they will be like a personal assistance with highly intuitive softwares and sensors.

The empathic relationships between man and machine are going to be something very needed for the correct use of sharing products.

The other benefits its that all this data will serve a measurement instrument to see how the people is living in specific cities and will let know if the quality of life is really improving.

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Ilel David
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