ReNEWheel: Active Integrated Non-Pneumatic Tire/Wheel/Suspension/Drive for Electric Vehicles (Non-Disposable)

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"One small step for Automotive, One giant leap for Aerospace."

Apollo 11, 747s, Concordes: 66 years after Kitty Hawk. 134 years after Daimler_Benz's unipiston tricycle we've added one pneumatic wheel, myriad microinnovations incrementally improving thermal efficiency (20%.)
Small steps indeed, considering another 80% waste: "25lb new tire, 20lb scrapped” – 358 billion pounds historically trashed, with 8mm tread exhausted – pencils used once, discarded unsharpened – rockets before SpaceX.

Electric Vehicles’ cleaner, greener planet-saving futures facilitation requires rethinking automotive technology, unconstrained – literally – “from the wheels up,” hence ReNEWheel’s variable wheel width, height, traction and renewable tread.
Our “mechanical pencil” approach’s extensible/renewable tread addresses EV/conventional_tire mismatch, minimizing rolling_resistance, (“virtual_slopes” perpetually climbed,) below 100kph dominating aerodynamic drag/drivetrain losses.

Honda’s 1999 Insight hybrid’s High Pressure tires, achieving record mileage (=EV RANGE), were discontinued, citing “ride/responsiveness dissatisfaction.”
ACTIVE suspensions – Citroen’s Hydropneumatic/BoseRide’s Linear ElectroRegenerative system – restore advantages (High Pressure/smaller Contact Patches/condition-dependent adaptability enhancing safety – but separate actuators’ materials/weights/costs doomed widespread application.
ReNEWheel’s integrated “tire”/wheel/suspension/drive “motor_in_wheel,” eliminates ALL drivetrain losses, synergistically powering active/adaptive suspensions, intelligently optimizing aerodynamic clearances/Contact Patches/differential traction control for diverse OnRoad/OffRoad weather/environments/conditions.

ReNEWheel’s drivetrain/suspension’s Scissor-Jack rhomboids’ lower Scissor-Arms each control DIFFERENT (”Right_Rear”/“Left_Leading”) HemiDrivers, printed_stator axial_flux “pancakes” bracketing each wheel, sharing circular permanent-magnet Rotor Arrays integrated into telescoping wheel hubs.
Predictive control algorithms/sensors, (increasingly standard even on semiautomated vehicles,) supplement propulsion/regenerative braking, differentially desynchronizing stator_fields, implementing net unbalanced countertorque to “Right_Rear/Retracting/Rising” or “Left_Leading/Lowering/Extending” Scissor-Arms respectively.

Normal drive torque replacing standalone mechanisms rapidly (<5ms) repositions wheels’ “unsprung” weight, greater despite downsizing to 550mm diameter from 50% greater 255/70R18’s 815mm, (road_clearance computationally compensated.)

ReNEWheel’s 32 individual sectors (54mm apart) employ nine 4mm Thick AISI 1095 steel leaf springs separating/supporting 17 contiguous Traction Elements, 544 total.
Four (directly/indirectly) continuously active down-wheel sectors’ 36 springs each yield 50kg/490Newtons restoring force, (79.3GPa-elasticity steel with 10.2mm deflection) – 1800kg/wheel conservatively exceeding aggressive static/cornering loads.

Laterally telescoping Wheel-Hub sectors house eight 19mm Wide aramid_reinforced “Sponge Elements” (9X_compressible to 2.125mm) sandwiched (literally) between nine 16m-Wide Rubber Traction Elements.
On-demand continuous width variation, (165mm-300mm), optimally reconfigures contact patches for road/weather/performance requirements.
Reduced Contact Patches (33% of 32psi/200kPa typical tires, 63.9cm²/sector=9x688mm²) minimize RollingResistance/”pneumatic trail”/”adverse yaw,” three sectors synergizing under deforming acceleration/braking, safely tripling footprint.

Four (of nine) Traction Rubber elements’ “notches” pre-retract 5.75mm, engaging matching LeafSpring “sawteeth” then extend segments’ seventeen joined Traction Elements in increments 65% new tires’ 11/32 inch tread -- SEVEN TIMES!
Each 20mm/thick logarithmically spiraled pseudoradial Traction Element, initially 61mm/long (20ml/30 grams average), wears down 67% to 20mm (6.5ml, 9.8 grams).
Normally “retracted,” two special springs/sector optionally extend ice_traction “chains”/“studs” where necessary and legal.

Finally, could each 20ml rubber element be reborn from scrap mountains?

"Watch This Space!" —Tranquility_Base


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