Fluid Garbage Bin

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Because most kinds of oil are less dense than water, most oil floats on the water surface. It spreads out and is pushed across the water by wind and currents. Most kind of oil can block sunlight below the ocean. This results in no life under and around the area in which any kind of oil spill has taken place. One of the kind of oils that block sunlight in the ocean is an oil that comes from home and factory wastes of oil. Home wastes of oil might seem minor from one house but when you calculate it in city and country level, it is very hard to imagine if all got into the ocean. Separating of the collected oil and water is very challenging and require a big budget. This will lead to very harmful to the environment especially to the ocean and ocean wildlife.

This project solves this problem. The basic solution of the project is separating the oil and the water before the fluid waste leaves a house. This is done by using special kitchen sink that filters home, restaurants, hotel and other recreational waste oil and water when washing dishes, clothes and so many other tasks that generate oil and mixed with the water.

As seen in the drawing, the first drawing shows the sink before washing dishes or other tasks. When washing and doing other tasks that might have oil we use the yellow partition of the sink. First we cloth both valve of the yellow sink (the side valve and the bottom valve). Then, when the water reaches above the side valve we cloth the red plate. Since oil is less dense than water, the oil floats on the water surface. That means all the oil are above the red plate. Then by opening the side valve, we can let the oil to another container. This way we can separate the oil and prevent it from being mixed with the wastewater. Finally, we roll back the red plate and open the bottom valve to let the waste water out. This will contribute to saving the aquatic life especially if the city home wastewater is discharged to the ocean without treatment.

Further design is being developed, This will have a life when peoples make a habit of using this product.

The collected oil is collected and disposed of by home used plastic containers. This will help to use plastic wastes containers like a bottle to have after using. Therefore it has a direct purpose to plastic waste management. Oil plastic containers are used to hold waste oil. That means, since the plastic bottles are carrying the oil, it is very hard to dispose of the plastic carelessly.

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