Safety for Cyclists

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Per billion vehicle miles, 1,011 pedal cyclists are killed or seriously injured, in comparison to 26 car drivers. Around 75% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas. Around half of the cyclist fatalities occur on rural roads. 75% happen at, or near, a road junction. Riding in the rain is more dangerous than riding in dry conditions for an obvious reason: slippery when wet. The road itself is slicker. Painted surfaces and metal road obstacles are like ice.

This project solves this problem and makes the city safe. This project is about building a manual adjusting protective cover from rain droplets that can be used on any frames for a cyclist to prevent accident during rain.

If you are an eyeglass user on a regular basis, you have a clear vision problem during walking, running or riding a bike on rain. This is because there is no decent cover for your eyeglass. You may wear a hat but you do not always carry them and they really do not cover your eyeglass and also there are products which have a slip-up cover but they are fixed to one eyeglass only.

This product solves to all these problems, It provides cover for your eyeglass, it is portable which means it is not limited only on one eyeglass because it can be adjusted to hold any eyeglass frame and you can carry it in your pocket whatever kind of eyeglass frame you are wearing.

I wore eyeglass since I was a child and all those years I have a poor vision when I walk during the rainy season. This is because very small rain can disturb your eyes because the rain droplets are on the eyeglass. I have gathered data on 100 peoples who ware eyeglass, wore eyeglass in the past, cyclists and motorbike riders. All of the 100 peoples have this problem during rain. I have asked them what they do to solve this problem. About half of them, they just live with it. A quarter of them avoids the rain and the rest said they ware helpmate but it does not really help. One of the cyclists shared his experience stating that he nearly had a heavy accident during a race because his eyeglasses were covered with rain droplets. Therefore, this product solves all these problems. The product is a portable cover for eyeglass. As the name indicates, it gives protection from the rain because it adjusted to be 90deg to 60deg with the eyeglass. It is portable meaning it can be used in any kind of frame you’re are wearing because it has nut and bolt adjusting mechanism which is simple, manual and quick to be adjusted. It is very light, easy to carry at your pocket at all time. For more information


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