An Instant Cooling Hand Refrigerator

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The invention addresses the problems of food and beverage preservation within minutes of time, which means in a situation where cooling beverages or food product is needed quickly, this product will be very useful. The basic idea of the invention is a very small or hand refrigerator that can instantly cool beverages or food products within a matter of minutes. This is done by using conduction heat exchange instead of convection for faster heat transfer between the coils and the cooling product.

Instant cooling hand refrigerator is a very small refrigerator intended for home and field use that can cool beverages and food products under a minute for preservation or satisfaction. This means there is a demand for fast cooling beverages at home especially for beverages and there is no simple in size refrigerator on the market. This design solves both problems, it´s size is no larger than a big mug and cools faster than high duty refrigerators. This is done by using conduction heat exchange between cold coils which is found after the expansion valve and the food product or the beverage. All refrigerators have a compressor, hot coils, expansion valve and hot coils. In current refrigerators, the cold coils cool the air inside the refrigerator and the cold air cools the products. But in this case, the air is removed and heat exchange is directly between the cold coil and the product. The device mainly focuses on the law of thermodynamics.

The market is all over the world, considering its large scale I will start with my country then export to neighbouring countries and the world. The current market competitors would be a no one because no company has the same product as mine. Therefore my advantages is I will monopolize the market.

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