Manual Vacuum Seal

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Preservation of food and beverages is very difficult. One way of preserving is placing inside a vacuum container or seal. There are many types of vacuum seal but all of them are digital or run under electric power or motor. This is not feasible for home use because the price is expensive; its mechanism is complicated and so on. This device solves these problems. It can create a vacuum in a sealed container without using electric power or a motor which means it is manual. The device consists of a sealed container, hand air blower with two openings, two air valves and a balloon. And the mechanism is simple, first seal the container with a customized plastic bag which has an opening at the top and sealant at its edge. Next, attach empty (no air inside) air blower to the sealed container. The attach a balloon with the empty air blower. at this point, both of the air valves are closed. Then, open the lower air valve and suck out the air in the sealed container and close the lower valve. Next, open the upper valve and push the air to the balloon or the upper direction. Finally, repeat these steps until the sealed container is air free or vacuumed.

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