Plastic Hangers Repair

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Normally, It is very difficult to know what type of plastic different hangers are made of. What we do is throw them in a specific rubbish bin or sell them in relative organizations. They will classify them and make them for products. It is very difficult to know what type of plastic different hangers are made of, making them nearly impossible to recycle. Hangers are made from seven different types of plastic. While department-store clerks rarely bother separating the K-resin from the polystyrene, the recycling machines can't handle blends.

That's why 85 percent of plastic hangers end up in landfills, leaching toxins like benzene and bisphenol-A into the groundwater along the way. Meaning, compared to the selling price of plastic hangers, recycling them is costly as it involves the collection, separation, processing and all others step. This device solves all this problem, instead of disposing of the plastic hangers end users can repair them when the hangers break. This can be done using the device as seen in the figure. The device is an electrically powered melting device that has the shape of standard plastic hangers. When the end user's plastic hanger breaks, the end user can insert the broken plastic hanger into the device and connect it with electric power supply. When the mould starts to heat all part of the plastic hanger will start to melt including that part that is broken resulting to become attached. When we see the plastic hanger has melted completely, the end user cools the device and remove the plastic hanger. Finally, the hanger will be as good as new.

This is good on minimizing plastic waste because making the product have longer durability is as same as managing the waste if it is not better. The end users can be textile manufacturing companies, laundries, home use and so on that uses a large number of plastic hangers. Note that because plastic hangers are easy and quick to be manufactured, they are one of the most used plastic products.

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