Alternative Home and Office Painting

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Paint typically consists of pigment, resin, solvent and additives: Pigment - to provide colour, hiding and control gloss. Pigments are usually divided into two groups. One called 'Prime Pigments' includes pigments such as Titanium Dioxide (white), Chrome Green Oxide, Yellow and Red Iron Oxides. Waterborne paints most often use acrylic emulsion polymers as binders. These come in a wide variety of types and combinations. Common acrylic polymer types are based on monomers such as methyl methacrylate and butyl methacrylate. Traditionally, lower cost paints have been formulated on PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) binders. Solvent-based resins come in a very wide range of types. The most common solvent-based resins are termed ‘alkyd resins’ that are normally used in enamel paints. Urethane alkyds often used in clear varnishes. Protective coating resins include types such as Epoxy, Urethane, Polysiloxane and Moisture Cured Urethane. so, the water-based wall paint or plastic emulsion paint is based on acrylic and offer a smooth matte finish to your walls. It is clear that house paint contains plastic. Do you ever wonder how those painted paints are disposed of? The answer is not pleasant to hear. They mostly end up on the environment when they start to fade.

This project is about using Recycled plastic wall cover instead of using paint to décor change the colour of home or office wall. This will avoid time spent on painting, the cost associated with painting, the wall can be easily cleaned, can be installed in a matter of minutes and so on. The basic process of installation is the owner of the home or the office measure or let an expert measure the exact size of the dimension of the wall. Then the data will be saved on the database of the service provider. Then whenever the customer wants to change the wall colour he/ she will order the colour and the service provider will install it in a matter of minutes. The best part is it will be far more durable and can be changed in a matter of minutes with no addition of microplastic waste found on the paint of current paints. This will be a big deal and saves a big amount of microplastic going to the environment.

Note- the picture above does not show the product but a clip art of the project downloaded from the internet.

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