Quarantine Garbage Bin

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Quarantine Garbage Bin is a new kind of garbage bin that does not allow overflowing garbage to enter the environment when the garbage bin reaches above its holding capacity. Overflowing of garbage is very challenging in almost every city of the world. In densely populated cities, it is obvious there is a higher consumption of goods and products. This result in massive amount of garbage. Since the garbage bin's holding capacity is limited, we usually see overflowing garbage in the street just like the picture on this challenge overview page. This is a very critical problem because it affects society directly.

This project solves this problem. The garbage bin is enclosed in a hard transparent plastic bag. On its edge, the transparent plastic bag has a hard plastic structure for support. This small structure looks like a box like transparent plastic booth reaching up to a height of an average person. The garbage bin is placed inside this booth. Since the booth has opening at its side, the person throwing the garbage can put the garbage through the opening of the booth into the garbage bin. This way if the garbage bin reaches above its holding capacity, the garbage will overflow but not on the street. The booth will act as a collector of the overflowing garbage. This will assist workers to collect the garbage easily, make our city clean, safe and cost-efficient. Currently, I have done the design of the bin. I need funding to build the prototype.

This invention is 100 percent unique. The current garbage bins do not have a solution to overflowing garbage. The best garbage bins have just a gate at its top to close when they reach its climax holding capacity. But this does not solve because other garbage will have no choice if there is no alternative garbage bin. This mechanism will help us maximize the holding capacity of garbage bin, solve an overflowing problem on cities, lower cost, safety and so on.

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