Smart Green Lighter

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A pack or packet of cigarettes is a rectangular container, mostly of paperboard, which contains cigarettes. The pack is designed with a flavour-protective foil, paper or plastic, and sealed through a transparent airtight plastic film. By pulling the "pull-tabs", the pack is opened. Hard packs can be closed again after opening, whereas soft packs cannot. The point is cigarettes are sold sealed in a plastic cover and most plastics cover end up in the street or the environment.

The pocket lighter is composed of a lot of small but essential parts. The body, base, and fork of a standard BiC pocket lighter are composed of plastic and the raw material delrin. The body and base contain the lighter fluid, which is called isobutane. The spare wheel, which is essential for triggering the flame, is made of serrated hardened steel wire. The hood and guard which house the sparkwheel are also made of steel. The valve is made of aluminum, the jet is made of brass, and the jet and fork springs are made of low alloy steel. The ball that seals the gas reservoir is made of carbide steel. In addition to the materials involved in the pocket lighter itself, the packaging also plays a huge role in the environment as well. The packaging of the lighter is made up of paper and plastic. The point is standard BiC pocket lighter are made up of plastic that is known not to be degradable. I am sure many of you notice that there is no recycling mechanism of a pocket lighter when they are out of service. This plays huge role in the environment.

This device solves all these problems. The device is a new kind of light that can store cigarette so that there is no need for cigarette packaging, uses rechargeable electric power to light a cigarette, that does not have cigarette butt waste and follows refill principle of a cigarette when buying new ones. As seen in the picture the blue part of the device is for attaching a cable for charging the lighting mechanism. The lighting of the cigarette will take place in the circular hole having a ring of electric cable as seen in "stoves". The black part is for removing the ashes that are formed when lighting and disposing of the cigarette and cigarette butt occurs. It is obvious that the cost of Smart green lighter is higher than the ordinary ones but it has the advantages that it does not need refill, companies do not need a pack of cigarette packaging because they sell their cigarette on large box and customers refill their cigarette and so many advantages that the customers will take care of their lighter like their cell phones.

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