Dual-Automatic and Manual V-Shaped Ladder

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A V-shaped ladder is one of the most widely used home and work tools all over the world. But this tool has its limitations like it is difficult for elderly peoples to go up and down easily. It is sort of hard for physically disabled people to go up and down carrying bulky and heavy materials for anyone and so on.

This project is about building a dual functioning v-shaped ladder that has manual stepping and automatic vertical moving mechanism for elderly persons, for disabled peoples and people who occasionally carry heavy materials at home or workplaces. As seen in the figure, the mechanism is very simple. The shape is a standard V-shaped ladder. On one side there is generally known stepping ladder while on the opposite side there is one stepping ladder that goes up and down the vertical axis. The mechanism is driven by motor mechanism aided with pulley mechanism or by the principle of pneumatic pressure in case of elevation. When the end user wants to go down the motor slowly reverse its direction and the weight of the end user force the ladder step to go down depending on the RPM of the motor.

There are automatic ladders in the market but this automatic ladder is on ladders used for higher height than a v-shaped ladder and they are not practical to be used inside homes or workplace or spots where there is no support.

For more information please visit https://www.globalinnovationexchange.org/innovation/dual-automatic-and-manual-v-shaped-ladder


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