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A balloon is a flexible bag that can be inflated with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, air or water. Modern-day balloons are made from materials such as rubber, latex, polychloroprene, or a nylon fabric, and can come in many different colours. Balloons are usually made of latex, which is considered biodegradable. Balloons made of other materials such as Mylar can last even longer in the environment because they are made of plastic, which never fully degrades. Ballons are the most arbitrarily used in any ceremony to decor the ceremony or the event. These events may include birthdays, wedding, stage decoration, Christmas and so on. The problem is balloons are easily destroyed and is one of the most easily disposable products of all time. Plus, it is very dangerously harmful to kids to handle. Above all, it usually ends up in oceans and the environment because of its small size and can not be easily collected because its part will be separated easily.

This project solves this problem. This project proposes using less plastic in order to avoid plastic waste which can be replaced by other product that can function the same use and have a bigger life. This project is the first part of proposing one plastic product that can be replaced with another device which is plastic balloons. The device that replaces the plastic balloon is a foam ballon. Foam rubber. Foam rubber (also known as cellular, sponge, or expanded rubber) refers to rubber that has been manufactured with a foaming agent to create an air-filled matrix structure. Commercial foam rubbers are generally made of natural latex. This way the foam ballon will serve the same purpose and lasts a long time and are very reusable, easy to dispose and manage.

It is estimated that between 45-50 million balloons are sold in California each year. If in one city ballons are sold this much imagine the world free of them. It will save a big number of plastic wastes.

The main objective of the project is building a product (balloon) that has higher durability so that it last longer on the hands of customers. That means a high life span of a product means a lower amount of that particular product end up in the waste. If we can minimize the number of waste by giving customers that will last longer, it is the same as management of the waste.

The recycling of those ballons is done by the standard trash collection and delivery to foam manufacturing companies. I do not believe this will be hard to manage as long as ballon manufacturing companies are on board with this project.

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