One Way Electric Socket

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Electric shock is a worldwide problem especially for kids at home. There have been many reports of kids inserting their fingers on wall sockets on all holes electrocuting them. This is parents biggest nightmare especially if there is a loose wall socket. AC or DC, you only get electrocuted if current passes through your body. (Current passing through any part of your body can be dangerous, and possibly cause an electrical burn, but current passing across your heart is the one that's really dangerous.) Touching just one wire at a time gives the current nowhere much to go. Some electrons can get stripped from your body when you touch a bare wire. But not many. Once they've gone, unless your body gets new electrons from somewhere else, the current stops. This project uses this principle to solve this problem. Instead of the wall sockets have two end wire closely together, One wall socket has only one terminal positive or negative. Then with X meter apart which is a distance that no adult or baby can reach while touching one end, there is the other or opposite terminal. So, if our kids by mere chance touch one end of the wire they will not be electrocuted because they will not reach the other end.

The next question is how one can plug in a socket if the openings are apart and this is where this innovation comes in. I have developed a safe extension of adapter that can be plugged in both ordinary wall socket and far apart from one-way wall socket, which is 100% safe. All the design will be uploaded soo to protect the copyright.

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