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California has become the first US state to go strawless: banning the sippers at sit-down eateries in the state, starting in 2019. Among the companies pledging to ban, or greatly limit, distribution of plastic straws: American Airlines, Aramark, Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott International, Pret a Manger, Royal Caribbean and Starbucks. Some of the brands plan to phase out plastic straws gradually or offer them only to customers who ask. So banning straws is very great step forward but is there any replacement?

This project is about building a mechanical straw that does not need mouth pressure to bring the fluid up for drinking and is permanently attached to the drinking cup so that the straw is not use and through which is banned in many countries. This mechanical straw is very useful for peoples who have an illness in their mouth that does not allow them to generate enough pressure on the straw to drink the fluid.

As seen the diagram, the mechanism is simple, at the cup the is a button that is pushed up or down and when the button is pushed it will push the upper part of the mechanism forcing the fluid to go down. This will force the fluid goes up the bottom hole going up the attached straw. The straw has two more straw inside of it to stretch or shorten the length in order for end users to use at any height they want.

This product is also perfect for hospitals and health care of individuals who have trouble drinking from straws (and so need a non-straw solution).

It is very easy to use, does not have a complex mechanism, does not require any electric power and since straws are getting banned there is high market demand.

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