Hubba-Hubba Cap

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Hubba-Hubba Cap

The design of the hubcap for cars/trucks is as important as all the other design aspects of the vehicle.

However, once the car/truck is in motion, all we see is a blur where the wheel and the logo are concerned.

The Hubba-Hubba Cap is designed to give maximum visibility to the brand name even when the vehicle is in full motion.

Hubba-Hubba Cap consists of three parts.

One is the regular mounting rim that attaches the hubcap to the wheel.

The center part, the one displaying the logo, is made of two discs connected in such a way as to overlap the mounting ring. This is built with a heavier bottom portion (BALLAST) which always keeps the logo in a vertical position.

Friction between the mounting ring and the inner portion is limited by a magnetic, plastic or some other method to keep the wheel's motion from transferring to the Hubba-Hubba Cap so the logo is always properly displayed.

A more advanced version could include a small generator as used in bicycle wheels that would convert the power from the wheel's motion to electricity to illuminate the logo.

Hubba-Hubba Cap is intended to benefit

Futurific Inc., Foundation for Optimism.


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