Dual-Adaptive Camouflage Invisibility

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Adaptable not only to the environment, but to itself as well.

The full diversity of my Light-Interface System concept can be demonstrated with my model of an invisible suit.

My 3-D Pixel Unit concept already exists, in part, as an angle sensitive pixel, but without the counterpart 3-D pixels and the length of connection between them.

The spherical symmetry of an angle sensitive pixel, adapted to other spherically symmetric 3-D Pixel Units across a Light-Interface System is what allows it to capture the full intersecting angles of the web-of-light thru the concentrated shape of the object in the Light-Interface.

Due to the full wrap-around symmetry of the light-web intersection, replicated in a concentration, by fully wrap-around 3-D Pixels Units on a body, the light-web " floating connection" inside the Light-Interface central switching station, no permanent hard-wiring is needed in the invisible suit's opto-electronic wiring harness.

The one-to-many wiring scenario replaced by the one-to-one correspondence makes dual-adaptivity possible between a suit and itself and itself against a background environment scenery.

The outside of the suit is considered a part of the outside environment, even though it is the suit itself.

The suit is dual-adaptive, partially to the outside of the suit/ the rest of the outside environment, and partially to the interior of the movable Light-Interface in the invisible suit Light-Interface System.

A truly " adaptable camouflage" invisible suit, is adaptable to itself, as well as it's environment.

It is free to change it's own motion against the changing scenery.


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    Keith Carlock
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    Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory
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    I was first inspired by the high-tech applicable part of my Invisibility ( adaptive camouflage) and Holodeck ( virtual immersion) Theory, in the form of my Light-Interface concept with my discovery of a geometric inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck light geometry in the new year winter of 1992, and the resulting Light-Interface System, and a childhood friend who told me back in 1998, " Don't just talk about making something invisible. Make something invisible, and then I'll listen to you!" My Lenticular Box is the low-tech geometric proof of the inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck technologies.

    I'm just basically obsessed with my Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory and what it might mean for a more fully complete Invisible/Holographic Principle of the universe.
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