Water is the most important resource, it connects every aspect of our lives. But due to increased population, deforestation, industrialization the water sources are being contaminated, depleting. Today, 1 in 9 people lack access to safe water.

Our proposed solution is a sustainable system which powers itself,

Accexlron is a rapid prototyping micro-controller development board based on the high-performance RISC architecture based ATmega 2560. The board comes with a host of functionalities like: Built-in motor driver circuitry, Bluetooth and Wifi Plug--n-Play compliancy. Higher voltage and current thresholds,

People spend lots of time when going shopping. This is because manufactured clothing are made in limited sizes and customers get the cloth they fit if they are lucky and if they like the clothing and many other factors.

Oculur is fire-fighting equipment that integrates the sensor into the mask and the water jet nozzle. The collected data is displayed by AR, and the mode will switch from AR to VR when the visibility is poor, providing all-terrain 3D depiction.

Sunatori's Effect refers to Anisotropic Electromagnetic Force Phenomena which were recently discovered by Simon Sunatori, P.Eng./ing., M.Eng. (Engineering Physics/Génie physique), F.N.A., IEEE-SM, WFS-LM, BNR/NT (MSS).

Anisotropy manifests itself in dramatic fashion as unexpected physical phenomena of magnetic attraction-repulsion, which is analogous to love-hate relationship.

There are many types of wastes in the world. The most difficult one to manage is plastic.

A home digital assistant that functions as part of the family. You're able to give it a name and configure it. Using Natural Language processing it's able to understand your spoken words and make sense out of them.

Life without a cell phone? Cannot imagine! They are so important that it's as if they are part of our body. But many times cell phone batteries gets discharged while doing some urgent work, call, doing business over a long time etc.

In today's world, we use a massive amount of energy every day, nearly 25000 TWh per year. Additionally, a big percentage of this energy is supplied by nonrenewable energy sources, such as Oil (31%), Coal (28.6%) and Natural Gas (21.2%) in 2014. Furthermore,

Most beverage companies earmark a large percentage of their budget for advertising because all of them know the power of advertisements. Companies use advertisements as part of a marketing program to increase sales of their products and services.

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