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Hearo is world’s only Internet Of Sounds device. Instead of adding more and more connected, single-function, electronic devices into your home, the acoustic and musical properties of everyday objects become programmable digital controllers. Hearo connects to your smartphone where you assign any sound in your home to control digital actions of your choice using IFTTT programming. The system comes with a number of IFTTT setups that can be connected to any sound, but the more the Hearo users create and share their own setups, the more versatile Hearo becomes. This is a IoT system that opens for a new type of creativity, to explore the musical and acoustic qualities of the objects in our homes that we cherish.


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    Hakan Lidbo
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    Hakan Lidbo
    Max bjorverud
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    Today we fill our home with more and more "smart" devices, more plastic and electronics. Hearo can make many of these devices obsolete, bringing back physic interaction and acoustic sounds into our homes.
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