Water QMS

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The real-time water quality monitoring and notification system (water QMS) measures the essential qualities of water -- the water PH, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness of water), and water level in the tank -- in real time. The system consists of multiple sensors to measure the standards of water in the tank, the micro-controller to analyze the readings and the GSM module to send the information to the watching centre through SMS. It is a true time system, which is able to measure the standards of water endlessly, and can send the measured values to the watching centre when each predefined time. I developed the device to allow people to have access to safe water in their daily life.


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    Chancy Gondwe
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    The device tries to solve life problem, since the tradition method of testing water quality is done manually. The device instead does the process of testing the quality of water automatically in real time which saves time, labour and money. and thereby allowing people to have access to safe water in their daily life.
    and this really inspires me that the device can get recognized by the Create the Future
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