Enhanced EAS System

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Enhanced EAS system is an enhanced EAS box with all controls on screen or in build in browser circuit with enhanced cap capability and extra software setup tools.The main feature of my design is in addition to the existing <Preamble>ZCZC-ORG-EEE-PSSCCC+TTTT-JJJHHMM-LLLLLLLL- after which the YEAR-CALLSIGN- be added then existing <preemble>ZCZC-NNNN then -VERIFURL-CHECKSUMS- is added.The purpose of adding the year is to ensure a precise and valid date and originating call sign to find out who originated the alert. The URL is to link to a web page that has a link that the originator can add to for validating an alert by adding links to information then a check sum and to facilitate verifying alerts DM-OPEN would be re-enabled for certified alert originators plus NTDMOPEN would allow public access for creating alerts and a new public access originator NTDMOPEM which could by accessed by the public access point NTDMOPEN or by originator setting public access NTDMOPEN access point origination.

The regular access points would by used by the existing certified alert originators. The box would take care of all the program operations as well as having a PC software or browser version available.The box would have full TTY input outputs for cap TTY control or monitoring as well as a lock switch on the back to protect program and settings from accidental changes and off course audio inputs and outputs and radios inside with built in am antennas and FM telescoping antennas and quick connect wire connections and coax inputs on back and built in mic and mike connector and speaker and earphone connector plus USB RS 232 plus TTI modem plus wifi plus Ethernet and free activation on all features including custom messaging feature for in state use.


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    Ellen Langsetmo
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    autodesk and sketchup
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    Autodesk Vault
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    alternitive science technoligies
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    I thuogh there had to be a better way so i got into this field.
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