Electricity Bill Reducer Circuit

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I have invented an electrical circuit which helps to save electricity. Suppose there is a fan in a room operated by inverter supply and a water cooler outside the room connected with simple supply of electricity. As the load of water cooler is high so it is generally not run by invertor supply as compared to the fan. if the air and cooling giving by cooler is enough then we must keep the fan at the off position to save electricity. Suppose power cut happens when we are sleeping then mosquitoes and warming wake up me then I switch on the fan. If electricity comes on before I am asleep then I switch off the fan again to save electricity and same situations repeated during power cuts. if I am sleeping before the electricity comes then I sleep under fan connected with inverter and cooler runs along with the fan when electricity comes. In this situation the fan is useless running. The circuit invented by me runs the cooler and fan when we keep the circuit on night mode. The fan stops when the cooler is running by electricity and the fan automatically runs when the cooler stops during power cut. The fan and cooler runs alternatively during the supply of electricity and power cuts. The fan stops during power supply by saving electricity.


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    Krishan Kumar
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    Problem of my house.
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