Bambi the Home AI

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A home digital assistant that functions as part of the family. You're able to give it a name and configure it. Using Natural Language processing it's able to understand your spoken words and make sense out of them. This is because the system trains on the way the family members speak. You might not say the exact thing, but the system would understand what you're trying to mean.

This system adds to your home security, by alerting you of any suspicious sensory data that it has. It comes with features such as anti burglary that would detect if an intruder breaks in. You teach the system what to do, so it continuously keeps on learning based on the sensory data it receives. For example, if it senses that the sun has risen, it would have the owner of the house what to do when that happens. The owner might say, for example, "open the windows, or blinds/curtains." Next time it senses the sun has risen, it asks the user if it should open the curtains as per what was said last time. Over time, it learns what you prefer and how you most likely prefer it.

This is a home AI because it involves learning and involving the user in the learning process using its various sensors and actuators are installed around the house. It's less technical because all it needs is for an event to be triggered and/or the action of an untriggered event can be initiated per what the user says. For example, you want the curtains/blinds opened but the sun has not risen.

The system is a growing or expanding development. It operates on a local network and minimizes the use of the internet. Other functionalities include facial detection and recognition, finding of misplaced phones, gadgets, make phone calls and send text and emails as well as control electrical appliances such as lights and the entertainment system.


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